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Presenter: Andrew Ferebee, founder of Knowledge For Men
Inside This Exclusive Training, You Will Learn:
  • The new model for men that creates a purpose driven life and doesn’t require you to lose your power, feel lost or waste time
  • Why men consistently settle and ignore the most important areas of life like their intimate relationships, social life and happiness and how to optimize all three
  • ​How I became 5x more attractive to women by doing 90% less without changing physical appearance or spending more
  • ​The biggest mistake 97% of all men make that breeds stagnation, breaks ups/divorces and emasculation that is absolutely reversible with this secret strategy that all high performing men use
  • How I have helped 1000s of men in the last 8 years achieve unbelievable results in their own lives and how I can mentor you if you want help getting results faster too
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Knowledge For Men
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Hello fellow men,

My name is Andrew Ferebee. I'm the host of the top-ranked Knowledge For Men podcast, which has been downloaded over 5 million times. I'm a three-time Amazon best-selling author and High Performance Men's Coach living on the beach in San Diego, CA.

But my life wasn't always like this.

Just a few years ago, I was sleeping on my brother's couch, because I had $15 to my name. I barely dated, because I constantly got "friend-zoned" 'by the woman I wanted or they would lose interest soon after getting to know me. I mostly sat at home throwing a pity party for myself, self-medicating with an endless cycle of alcohol, video games and porn. 

In short, my life was a train wreck.

I had no clear purpose and direction, so I just drifted from one day to the next, never making progress in any particular area – but constantly feeling like I could be doing better.

But somewhere deep down, I knew the man I wanted to be was hidden within me. So I went on a journey to discover that man and set him free.

Here’s the plan I put into action:

● I quit my day job, broke up with my ex and traveled across the country.
● Went all out and took careful notes at dozens of personal development events.
● Read hundreds of books – literally, hundreds – on becoming a successful, confident man.
● Interviewed more than 400 experts in self-development, relationships and personal achievement.
● Hired some of the best coaches in the world, and worked hard to change my daily habits.

And within a few years I achieved things I never thought possible:

● Built a 7 figure business with more passive income than I used to make in my corporate 9-5 salary.
● Dated an abundance of beautiful women then I found the woman of my dreams whom now I'm in an amazing relationship with.
● Built a high level social network packed with multi-millionaires, renowned thought leaders and some of the best life coaches in the world.
● Went from a scrawny lanky body to being one of the fittest men in any gym I go to.

And once I’d achieved real results in my own life men from all around the world kept asking me how I did it.

I began to help out a few guys here and there. Next thing I knew, guys were paying me $100, $1,000 then $2,500 per month to show them the secrets and strategies I used to transform myself from a lazy, fearful boy into a powerful, confident grounded man who can create the life he wants.

Now it’s time for you to make that same incredible transformation… and I’m here to help you complete it. 

Today, you get to decide what your life is going be like from now on. I know from personal experience, your entire life can transform in an instant – all you have to do is make the decision to change.
I Teach Men Like You
My Life-Changing Strategies For More  
Confidence, Success and Real Results
The Secrets of the Top 1% of Men
Achieve Massive Success On Your Own Terms and 
Become the Confident, High Value Man You Deserve to Be.
The Secrets of the Top 1% of Men is my foundational personal development course designed to help men achieve greater levels of success in their health, wealth and relationships.

Here’s how it breaks down:

I’ll give you powerful in-depth video training, a private community of 500+ high performing men and live weekly group coaching calls led by professional men's coaches.

This is like having me sit down with you, one-on-one, and pour out all the best strategies I’ve learned after interviewing over 400 experts on life, career/business and relationships, so you can transform every aspect of your life.

Once you complete the training, you’ll walk away with unbelievable power that you didn't know you had within you.

If you lost your fire years ago – this is where 1000s of men have regained it and so can you.

Here's a teaser of some of the strategies you'll learn right away:

✓ How to beat self doubt, fear and finally pursue your life’s purpose.   

✓ Proven strategies to crush procrastination, end laziness and achieve at an elite level.

✓ How to double your confidence, find amazing mentors, and build an incredible social circle of successful likeminded men.

✓ How to naturally attract and keep high quality women in your life by becoming a stronger more grounded man. 

✓ Actionable advice from multi-millionaires about how to increase your income, build a profitable business, and “hardwire” your brain for financial success. 

✓ Simple tools to boost your productivity, increase your discipline, and unlock peak performance so that you can finally achieve your big hairy audacious goals. 

You’ll stand out as a more attractive, strong, grounded, purpose-driven man.
You Have A Choice To Build Your 
 Dream Life in One of Two Ways
Basically, this is your unfair advantage in life. No one has to know where you get your edge.

Read below to see everything you're getting:

Module 1: Becoming the Hero of Your Life

✓ Learn how to step up and take full responsibility for your future, right now. Instead of being a guy who things “just happen to” and going through the motions day to day you’ll own your shortcomings that are holding you back, and start living with greater intensity, drive and focus.

✓ Forge mental toughness, so you can succeed at an elite level. You’ll learn how to overcome challenges, stand up to pressure and adversity, and achieve higher levels of success. The smartest man in the room doesn't win it's the man with the highest level of mental toughness. This is where you can get it.

✓ Double your confidence and discover the power to “do, act, and succeed” in any situation, personally and professionally. You’ll learn how to overcome your fear, self-doubt, and anxiety so you can be unstoppable in your daily life.

Module 2: The Art of Success

✓ Uncover the formula for success. Find out how to get from where you are now to where you want to be so that you can tackle daily challenges with ease and make consistent progress towards your biggest goals.

✓ Rediscover the two greatest human strengths – willpower and self-discipline. Zero in on the things that are most important to you, so you can resist temptations, and redirect your life into an upward spiral of success.

✓ Cultivate the winner's mindset. Start thinking, acting, and achieving like the top 1% of men – that rare group of men who’ve truly excelled in life. Instead of just "getting" by, you’ll start experiencing real success and making significant progress towards your goals daily.

Module 3: 10x Your Productivity

✓ Become a man who takes bold action. Make up for all the years you’ve procastinated by breaking through your state of resistance and transforming into a courageous warrior who goes out and gets what he wants. 

✓ Reactivate your engagement with the world around you. Instead of living in procrastination, laziness, and passivity, you’ll learn how to take the lead role in your life, so you can finally start living your dreams!

✓ Discover the secrets to consistency. Learn how to build a reputation as a man who does exactly what he says he's going to do. This reputation will earn you the respect and get you the results you’ve always known you had within you.

Module 4: Master Your Relationships

✓ Build fearless social confidence, charisma and learn how to talk to anyone with ease. Become a man who speaks his truth 100% and says what he means and means what he says, unlocking the freedom to express yourself in any social situation.

✓ Learn how to cultivate a thriving social circle. Instead of living in loneliness, surround yourself with high-achieving peers who’ll be there to support you when you need it most, have fun and build a world class life together.

✓ Win the heart of the woman of your dreams and create deeper intimate relationships. Experience the love and connection you deserve. More than a dozen of my clients have prevented a tragic break-up or divorce and instead re-ignited their relationship with more passion and intimacy.

Module 5: The Income & Wealth Accelerator

✓ Learn the 3 Financial Roadmaps, and identify which roadmap you’re on, so you can create a path towards achieving financial freedom without suffering a lifetime of mediocrity. This will save you decades of climbing up a ladder that could be leaned up against the wrong wall!

✓ Get inside the minds of the ultra-rich, and learn how they think about their money. Instead of chasing vague dreams of being financally free, you’ll discover how to make your money go to work for you just like the ultra successful do.

✓ Become a top performer in your industry. Learn how to take advantage of your strengths and increase your income so you’ll never have to worry about losing your job or going out of business.

Module 6: Unleash Your Peak Performance

✓ Look great in the mirror. Learn the ultimate training program to build more lean muscle and lose more fat as quickly as possible without drugs or expensive supplements. 

✓ Increase energy and feel 10 years younger. Learn how to plan – and stick to – a healthy diet that provides your body the resources it needs to build muscle, burn fat and stay productive throughout the day with no crashes.

✓ Stamp out stress and anxiety. Learn how to manage your moods to declutter your mind so that you can stop the endless racing thoughts. I’ll show you how to reduce stress, anxiety, negative thinking and crush depression.
If You Act Now Today, You'll Receive These Exclusive Bonuses!
BONUS #1 The Awakening – Grounded Man Advanced Training

Become the Strongest Version of Yourself

✓ Learn how to find your purpose and build your dream life so you can live with excitement, clarity, drive and direction everyday. 

✓ Build the courage to lead your truest life, embrace the unknown, overcome fear and have a higher level of mental toughness, willpower and grit to become the strongest version of yourself.

✓ Master the challenges of women, work, and sexual desire with true masculine energy. 
BONUS #2 The Happiness Blueprint

Maximize Happiness & Fulfillment Today

✓ Discover how to be happy. Instead of hoping happiness will arrive at some distant point in the future – or fearing it may never come at all – you’ll learn how to feel more happy in this moment.

✓ Find happiness in your daily life. You’ll learn simple strategies for enjoying all the little moments, so you’ll become more engaged in life – and more creative, more resilient to stress, and more productive in your work. If you're not happy there is no point in any of this so let's solve that!
BONUS #3 The Lover Program – Become the Man Women Want

15+ Interviews with Women Sharing What They Want in Men

✓ Discover what the most attractive and intelligent women in the world really want in men and in their relationships and it's not what you think.

✓ How to keep the relationship fun and adventurous so that she falls for you all over again as time goes on, wakes up excited to be with you and never wants to leave you.

✓ The BIGGEST mistakes 99% of men make that RUIN once great relationships (and how you can avoid each one).
BONUS #4 Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Expert Coaches

Surround Yourself with Powerful Men Moving Forward in Life

✓ Live weekly group coaching calls with a professional men's coach to help you crystalize your vision, breakthrough challenges and close the gap from where you are now to where you want to be in your life, business/career and relationships.

✓ Share your challenges and wins in our 24/7 private Facebook group of 900+ high performing men. This exclusive community will provide ongoing support and feedback to help you grow stronger every day.
You Know What Challenges Are Really 
Expensive, Time Consuming & Painful For Men...?
Challenges Many Men Experience Today
✓ A serious breakup or divorce........................... (half of your net worth)
✓ Alcohol and drug addiction............................... (your life & relationships)
✓ Porn and masturbation addiction..................... (your life & relationships)
✓ Working a job you hate for your entire career.. (your life & relationships)
✓ Settling with a woman...................................... (your life & relationships)
✓ Getaways to escape life .................................. ($3,000+ annually)
✓ Not having likeminded men in your life............ Priceless
✓ Dying with your best work still inside of you..... Priceless
Are you ready to transform into the most powerful version of yourself and avoid these challenges?
"Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you." 
– Robin Sharma
"The best investment you can make is in yourself." 
– Warrent Buffet
The Secrets of the Top 1% of Men Program 
Gives You Access to the Following
  • The Secrets of the Top 1% of Men Core Training: I want to shave years off the painful learning curve to reach my full potential, achiever higher levels of success and accelerate my goals.
  •  Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls: I want to crystalize my vision, breakthrough my challenges and close the gap from where I am now to where I want to be in my life, business/career and relationships with a professional men's coach.
  • The Private Men's Community: I want to surround myself with an exclusive community of 900+ high-performing men who will provide ongoing support and feedback to help me grow stronger every day.
  •  The Awakening Grounded Man Training: I want to discover my path and purpose in life and build core confidence so I can reach my full potential faster.
  • The Happiness Blueprint: I want to develop the inner conditions for true happiness, so I can stop riding the ups and downs, and finally start enjoying the "state" of everyday peace, joy and happiness.
  •  The Lover Program: I want to significantly improve my love life and master what women want in men and in their relationships.
UPDATE: This program has been updated and revamped to better serve men. Click the above button to get started and learn more how we can help you.
If You're On the Fence...
You're probably thinking I don't have the extra money for this... Right?
That is exactly why you need to invest in this program to learn how to become the strongest version of yourself, boost your confidence, double the amount of action that you're taking and surround yourself with 500+ high performers and a team of professional coaches. When "you" are operating at your highest level so does your bank account.
You're probably thinking you don't have the time... Right?
That's likely not the first time you've said that before. Stop procrastinating and putting your goals in life on the back burner. Your success can't wait any longer. Your future self needs you to get this training so you can grow into the strongest version of yourself.
You're probably thinking "I don't think I'm going to succeed"... Right?
That's exactly why we added live weekly group coaching to the program along with a private community of 500+ high performing men. You are not alone with our team of professional coaches and growing community to hold you accountable towards your goals. We expect you to turn around and do the same for other men when you hit your goals.
You're probably thinking this is a scam... Right?
NO WAY! I would not be featured on Inc, Forbes, The Goodmen Project, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine among many other major media outlets if I was scamming people. I serve my clients with the best training possible like my life depends on it.
You're probably wondering who are the coaches leading the group calls... Right?
All of the coaches have coached 100s of men, and have 1000+ hours of coaching experience working specifically with men to breakthrough their challenges and achieve their goals.

Our past clients that we've worked with include: CEOs of 6, 7, and 8 figure companies, sales leaders, US special forces, US Navy admirals, Hollywood celebrities, world championship athletes, all the way to your high school teacher and everything in between. Trust me they're qualified.
You're probably thinking if you ordered the Key For Men that you want to test it out first... Right?
Got it, the Key For Men is full good of content, but do you want to get results faster in half the time and do it with a community of like-minded men to keep you motivated and accountable towards your goals? Information alone may not be enough to get to where you want to be.

You'll need access to our high level coaches on a weekly basis to keep you on your path and ensure you’re making real progress daily.
You're probably thinking what's the catch... Right?
The catch is you have to put in the work, show up on the calls and participate in the community of 500+ high performing men and you will! Because you're ready to grow into the strongest version of yourself, end playing small and create the life you want! Now try it already it's less than a cup of coffee a day for crying out loud! :)