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For successful men who might lose their partner if nothing changes...

Discover The Proven Strategies to Unlock More Connection, Intimacy and Romance  During the 3-Day "Rebuild the Relationship" Challenge 

Join world class Men's Coach, best-selling author of The Dating Playbook for Men and host of the award winning Knowledge for Men Podcast Andrew Ferebee… 

… For a live 3-day immersive experience where you’ll have the opportunity to learn the actionable steps discovered after a 10 year journey and investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in coaching and interviewing more than 400 of the most successful men in the world who "have it all" in life and relationships.

What was once kept behind closed doors is for the first time ever revealed at last to the general public. Andrew will share his most effective tried and tested strategies and exercises he uses with his elite VIP clients to rebuild their relationship, create more connection, intimacy, and romance with their partner, and become a stronger, more attractive, Grounded Man™. 


In this 3-day LIVE training get equipped with the practical tools needed to rebuild the relationship and reignite the spark, attraction, and romance. 

Starting September 26th at 4PM PST


"A man doesn't need to make more, do more or sacrifice his needs to make a woman happy... He needs to tap into the alive man he was when he met her."

REbuild the relationship 

In This Live and Highly Interactive Challenge I'm Going to Share Actionable Strategies, Tools and Experience Powerful Mental Shifts to Help Men Show Up Stronger for Themselves and Their Partners as the Man Their Destined to Be: 

Here's a Sneak Peak of What I'll Be 
Sharing on the Live Challenge: 

  • Powerful daily missions to help you implement what you're learning with your partner in REAL TIME 
  • ​Why sacrificing work, hobbies and passions to do more for her or spend more time together reduces power in the relationship
  • ​The simple “Attraction Equation” that determines how committed she is and how much attraction and respect she feels 
  • The #1 source of disconnection and lack of intimacy in long term relationships (it’s NOT what you think) 
  • ​The key to ending the needy, nice guy, people-pleasing behavior for GOOD and stepping up as the powerful and attractive MAN 
  • ​Two simple concepts that can make or break a relationship (that 99% of men completely miss) 
  • ​How to reignite the “butterflies in the belly” passion even IF you feel like the relationship is on the brink of ending
I've used what I'm going to share to build my dream relationship... 
Create a thriving business sharing my life's work
Build an all star network and work with some of the most elite men on the planet 

For men who ready to rebuild their relationship... It starts by reclaiming their power from within.  

Meet Your Host

Andrew Ferebee

  • Founder of Knowledge for Men: One of the premier men’s coaching companies with more than 4,256 happy clients served since 2015 
  • ​Author of the cult classic The Dating Playbook for Men: That’s helped more than 150,000 men improve their relationships and date the woman of their dreams
  • ​Host of the Award Winning Knowledge for Men Podcast: With more than 9.5 million downloads featuring elite experts, best-selling authors, top entrepreneurs, and many more. 
  • ​Men's Coach to Top Entrepreneurs, CEOs and High Performers: Andrew has worked closely with multimillionaires, executives, and professionals to help them “have it all” and create the relationship of their dreams while accelerating their careers, personal power, and fulfillment

The Life, The Relationship, and Family that Men Want, Will Be Fueled By Who they Become 

(Not another promotion, sports car or or zero in the account)

  • The greatest pain in man's life will come from a lack of connection, intimacy and love in life.

    This pain stifles him and signals to others that he's not worthy – severely impacting his happiness, emotional well being and confidence. Causing him to go through life as a shell of who he could be and possibly miss the best years of his life

  • The biggest decision a man will make is NOT in his career – it is who he choses to be with romantically.

    Break ups have cost men more than anything they have ever purchased including homes, cars and boats combined. Entire net worths have been slashed in half and years of unnecessary mental anguish undergone due to ignoring this critical area of life and hiding behind work, vices, and "being busy." 

  • Ignoring this work slowly turns men (regardless of their professional status) into a domesticated house pet

    Whose sole purpose is to work endlessly, run errands and provide financially with little appreciation. This will decrease a man's value and push him further away from deeper levels of connection and intimacy he craves. His wants and needs are not heard or met by his partner and he slowly loses the respect of the high quality men in his life. 

  • ​NOTHING will change until the man accepts he needs the support of experts who have the results he seeks.

    Enough is enough. It is time to wake up and do the real inner work to become a strong man who can create the life and relationships he wants!

If the above lights a fire in the belly, then click the button below now to join the challenge while it's still no cost or before we reach full capacity.

Hear What the Girlfriends and Wives of Client's had to Say About Andrew's Work… 

Ava Watched Her Husband Transform From a Lost Man into the Strongest Version of Himself
How Anastasia Went From Being with a "Weak Man" She Was Going Leave To Seeing Her Man Grow into the Partner of Her Dreams
How Emily Saw Her Boyfriend Grow From a Weak "Nice Guy" To Strong, Confident and Masculine Man

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