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Hello Fellow Men,

My name is Andrew Ferebee. I'm the host of the top-ranked Knowledge For Men podcast, which has been downloaded over 7 million times. I'm a three-time Amazon best-selling author and High Performance Men's Coach living on the beach in San Diego, CA.

My journey has been featured in the Huffington Post, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, Forbes and Apple News.

But my life wasn't always like this.

Just a few years ago, I was sleeping on my brother's couch, with less than $15 to my name. My romantic life was nonexistent and I was constantly “friend zoned” by the women I desired.

Or worse, they would immediately lose interest once they got to know me. My days were spent at home alone wasting time and self medicating in a vicious cycle of endless drinking, video games and adult websites. 

In short, my life was a train wreck.

I had no clear purpose and direction and I just drifted from one day to the next, not making progress in life – but feeling like I could always be doing better.

But deep down, I knew that there was a powerful and confident man hidden beneath all of the fear, anxiety, and feelings of inadequacy.

So I went on a journey to find that man and set him free.

Here’s the plan I put into action:

● I quit my day job, broke up with my ex and traveled across the country.
● I maxed out all of my credit cards on personal development seminars.
● I read hundreds of books on success, psychology, and personal achievement.
● I Interviewed more than 400 experts in self-development, business and relationships.
● I hired some of the best coaches in the world (some of whom I could barely afford) and worked hard to change my mindset, actions and daily habits.

And within a few years I achieved goals that I’d never thought possible:

● I built a 7-figure business that generates more money in a month than my entire year’s salary at my previous corporate 9-5 job.  
● I wake up when I want, work where I want and with whom I want – true freedom.
● I dated an abundance of beautiful women and then found the woman of my dreams that I’m now in an amazing relationship with.
● I built a high level social network packed with multi-millionaires, renowned thought leaders and some of the best life coaches in the world. See below:
And once I’d achieved real results in my own life men from all around the world started asking me how I did it.

I began to help out a few guys to get the same results that I did.

Next thing I knew, guys were paying me $100, $1,000 then $2,500 per month to show them the secrets and strategies I used to transform myself from a lazy, fearful boy into a powerful, confident grounded man who can create the life he wants.

What took me years and half a million dollars to learn I've condensed it all down into this program for you step by step. Now it’s your turn. 

It’s time for you to make that same incredible transformation… and I’m here to give you the step by step blueprint for achieving it. 

Today, you have a decision to make.

Are you going to commit to becoming a strong grounded man who knows what he wants out of life, has the mindset, strategies and the ability to make it happen?

Your entire life can change in an instant if you are willing to make the decision to change today, not tomorrow.
Every famous athlete, performer or businessman has a coach.
- Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google
The Secrets of the Top 1% of Men
Achieve Massive Success, Lasting Change and 
Become a Strong Grounded Man

Secret #1: How to Become the Hero of Your Life

✓ Learn how to take full responsibility for your success and how to overcome the obstacles that hold many back, and start living with greater intensity, drive and passion.

✓ Forge the mental toughness of an elite warrior. Discover how the best of the best overcome challenges, stand up to pressure and adversity, and achieve higher levels of success, fulfillment, and joy. It’s never the smartest man that wins, it’s the man with the highest levels of mental toughness, grit, and discipline. And I’m going to teach you how to get it. 

✓ Learn how confidence is really forged and discover the power to “do, act, and succeed” in any situation, personally and professionally. Discover how top performers overcome fear, anxiety, and self doubt to become unstoppable in their daily life.

Secret #2: How to Master the Art of Success

✓ Uncover the formula for success. Learn how elite men close the gap between where they are and where they want to be so that they can tackle daily challenges with ease and make consistent progress towards their biggest goals. 

✓ Rediscover the two greatest human strengths – willpower and self-discipline. Zero in on the things that are most important and learn how to resist temptations, and redirect your life into an upward spiral of success.

✓ Cultivate the winner's mindset. Start thinking, acting, and achieving like the top 1% of men – that rare group of men who’ve truly excelled in life. Start experiencing real success and making significant progress towards your goals daily.

Secret #3: How to 10x Your Productivity

✓ Become a man who takes bold action. Learn how to overcome fear and procrastination by breaking through states of resistance and transforming into a courageous warrior who goes out and gets what he wants. 

✓ Uncover how the best in the world increase their engagement with life to get more things done while reducing stress and anxiety. 

✓ Discover the secrets to consistency that top performers use to follow through on their goals and accomplish whatever they set their minds to.

Secret #4: How to Master Your Relationships

✓ Build fearless social confidence, charisma and learn how to talk to anyone with ease. Become a man who speaks his truth unlocking the freedom to express yourself in any social situation with unshakeable confidence.

✓ Learn how to cultivate a thriving social circle. Discover the simple steps to surround yourself with high-achieving peers who’ll be there to support your journey and help you build a world class life. 

✓ Learn the proven strategies to improve your relationship that more than a dozen of my clients have used to prevent a tragic break-up or divorce and instead re-ignited their relationship with more passion, love and intimacy.

Secret #5: How to Increase Your Income & Build Wealth

✓ Learn the 3 Financial Roadmaps used by the super wealthy to achieve financial freedom. 

✓ Develop your “millionaire mindset”, and learn how wealthy people think about their money. And discover how to make your money go to work for you just like the ultra successful do.

✓ Become a top performer in your industry. Learn the systems and strategies that the top 1% in every field use to achieve long term success and financial abundance.

Secret #6: How to Unleash Your Peak Performance

✓ Learn the ultimate training program to build an immaculate physique without spending hours in the gym, wasting thousands of dollars on supplements, or using illegal drugs. 

✓ Discover proven diet strategies that help build muscle, burn fat, and increase productivity throughout the day. 

✓ Learn “State Management” strategies that elite performers use to manage their moods and minds to reduce stress, anxiety, and eradicate negative mental loops that hold them back.
Plus If You Join Today, You'll Also Receive These Exclusive Bonuses!
BONUS #1 Live Weekly Group Coaching with Expert Coaches

Surround Yourself with Powerful Men Moving Forward in Life

✓ Live weekly group coaching calls with a professional men's coach to help you crystalize your vision, breakthrough challenges and close the gap from where you are now to where you want to be in your life, business/career and relationships.

✓ Share your challenges and wins in our 24/7 private Facebook group of 800+ high performing men. This exclusive community will provide ongoing support and feedback to help you grow stronger every day.
BONUS #2 Awakening – Grounded Man Advanced Training

Become the Strongest Version of Yourself

✓ Learn how to find your purpose and build your dream life so you can live with excitement, clarity, drive and direction everyday. 

✓ Build the courage to lead a true life in alignment with your values, embrace the unknown, overcome fear and have a higher level of mental toughness, willpower and grit to achieve your biggest goals.

✓ Master the challenges of women, work, and sexual desire with true masculine energy
BONUS #3 The Lover Program – Become the Man Women Want

15+ Interviews with Women Sharing What They Want in Men

✓ Discover what the most attractive and intelligent women in the world really want in men and in their relationships.

✓ Proven tactics to increase intimacy, fun, and adventure with an existing partner so that every single day feels like that first date. 

✓ The BIGGEST mistakes 99% of men make that RUIN once great relationships (and how to avoid them) 
BONUS #4 All Access Pass to our 2x Annual Virtual Summits

Skip the Flights, and Attend our Transformative Online Summits

✓ The Annual New Years Summit to reflect, recharge and design your best year ever following our proven method with my team of expert coaches.

✓ The Mid-Year Refocus Summit to revisit your purpose, mission and goals and get you on track to massive success in your health, wealth, relationships and personal development.
"Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you" 
– Robin Sharma, best selling author
Here's What Our Members Are Saying!
"I have so much more clarity, drive, direction and purpose in my life. Life is so much easier."
"I've taken more action in the last 4 months than I have in the last 5 years."
"I now have a clear purpose and vision. I wake up everyday excited to move forward."
"I have more energy, confidence, self esteem and just feel truly alive." 
"Coaching saved my relationship with my girlfriend and I'm planning on proposing next month."
"Life has significantly improved. I have more success at work, in my dating life and with my family."
"I've gone from being overweight, unhappy and demotivated to now living my best life and a role model to my friends and family.
"I was able to leave a toxic relationship that was no longer serving me. This would not have been possible without this program and community of men."
"I quit my corporate job and started my own business. I could not have done this without the program and community."
"My friends and family respect me more since I'm more determined, confident and making things happen in my personal and professional life."
"I got the big promotion at work and got into a new relationship with a woman I never thought I'd be with."
"I have been looking for something like this for so long. This was like a rite of passage for me." 
"I was able to overcome a devastating break up, step into the strongest version of myself and build a business helping others do the same."
"Within a month I was no longer dragging myself out of bed I was fully living on full throttle."
"I'm in a fantastic relationship. We're talking about getting married now and my business is thriving since joining this program."
"Andrew has made all of the men 10x better men from his program and being in the community. I'm now financially free and in the best shape of my life."
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  • The Secrets of the Top 1% of Men Training: I want to reach my full potential faster and achiever higher levels of success in my health, wealth and relationships faster.
  • Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls: I want to crystalize my vision, breakthrough any challenges and close the gap from where I am now to where I want to be in my life, career/business and relationships with a professional life coach.
  • Elite Community: I want to surround myself with 800+ high performing men who are committed to becoming the strongest version of themselves by sharing challenges, wins and getting instant support to help me grow stronger everyday.

  • The Awakening Grounded Man Advanced Training: I want to discover my path and purpose in life and build unshakeable confidence so I can have more drive, power and freedom.
  • The Lover Program: I want the 15 in depth interviews with high quality women sharing exactly what they want in men and in their relationships.
  • Annual Virtual Summits: I want work on my purpose, mission and goals each year so I can create the best year of my life with a team of expert coaches.
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