What is Knowledge For Men...?

Knowledge For Men reaches millions of men with a blog, podcast and YouTube channel that inspires men to become stronger more grounded versions of themselves so they can have more success, freedom, and happiness in their lives. We help men rise above mediocrity and take back control of their drive, dreams, and passions to live their best life through books, online courses and 1 on 1 virtual coaching.

Our mission is to help weary men regain the competitive edge and youthful vigor they once had and reignite their will to win. We’re here to fuel their engines to overcome any challenge, help them own their fears, and build the courage and fortitude to forge themselves into the men they know they’re meant to be. 

Who is Andrew Ferebee...?

The founder of Knowledge For Men, Andrew Ferebee is a 3x Amazon best-selling author and host of the top ranked podcast on iTunes "Knowledge For Men" with more than 4+ million downloads. 

Andrew has interviewed 400+ experts including Bob Proctor, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jordan Belfort, Tony Hsieh, T. Harv Eker, Robert Greene, Kevin Harrington, Grant Cardone, US Navy Seals, UFC fighters and many more. He is a High Performance Men's coach who’s 1:1 training has helped over 1000 men breakthrough their biggest limiting beliefs and achieve their greatest successes in life.
Our Leadership Team is Based in San Diego, CA
The Top 4 Reasons To Join Knowledge For Men as a 
High-Performance Men's Coach
1. Never wonder where your next client will come from again!
You get a steady stream of clients every week so you can focus on what you do best – coaching and impacting men's lives.

Consider this: marketing, team-building, sales, web design and working with contractors all take time away from what you love and enjoy doing. How can you help others when you’re stuck on the phone with technical support? How can you make a difference when you have to make more sales? Remember why you became a wanted to make an impact on the lives of your clients and get paid to inspire your clients to new heights!

Now you can because KFM coaches get paid every month and never have to worry about not having clients. We bring the clients to you. You be the best coach you can be, and deliver an exceptional coaching experience to the client.
2. No more marketing and sales headaches!
Marketing and sales cost you time. Let Knowledge For Men do it for you. We handle sales and marketing for first-time clients so you can do what you're great at.

Sales funnels, advertising, traffic, emails, social posts, podcast, YouTube and blog’s all done by the company. KFM even takes care of enrollment and follow-up calls.

Do Universities make the professors enroll college students...? No, absolutely not they focus solely on their craft so they can be the best professors in the world just the way coaches should too.

When you get clients, they’re free and clear of hassle and 100% ready for your high performance coaching!

3. No risk. No stress. No cost to you!
Instead of paying for dozens of software programs and fighting to make them all integrate together and instead of spending cash on staff, office space, advertising, attorneys, accountants, and equipment...Knowledge For Men handles it all.

You build a thriving practice, and we deal with distractions at no cost to you.

This is how you take back control, earn money and save time.
4. Skyrocket your own personal development and coaching skills!
The fastest way to grow is through experience. You get a lot of it fast when KFM sends you clients weekly. When you take action and join our world class coaching team, you’ll have a full coaching practice.

Most solo coaches get 1 or two clients per month. With Knowledge For Men you can easily earn 10 or more clients per month.

Plus you get additional, advanced training with ongoing group and 1:1 sessions with our Director of Coaching and the entire Knowledge For Men coaching team. And you gain access to all Knowledge For Men programs and live events!

Many coaches feel like their on an island and have no support system to deal with the challenges of being a life coach. When you join us you also enter a brotherhood - a fraternity of like-minded powerful coaches where you’ll network, bond, and learn with a group of some of the best life coaches in the world. 

If you dare to be great – join our team.
* Have at least 3 years prior coaching experience

* Have coached at least 100 client's 1 on 1 in person or virtually

* Can show proven client success with testimonials or case studies

* Are certified and trained by a professional coaching orgnization

* Are available 30 hours or more per week virtually Monday-Friday

If you meet the above, then apply below with detailed answers!
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