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Hello fellow men,

My name is Andrew Ferebee. Today, I'm the host of the top-ranked Knowledge For Men podcast, which has been downloaded over 3.5 million times. I'm a three-time Amazon best-selling author and High Performance Men's Coach.

But my life wasn't always like this.

Just a few years ago, I was sleeping on my brother's couch, because I had $15 to my name. I barely dated, because I constantly got "friend-zoned" 'by the woman I wanted. I mostly sat at home throwing a pity party for myself, self-medicating with an endless cycle of alcohol, video games and porn. 

In short, my life was a train wreck. Maybe you can relate to this.

Here’s a taste of how bad things were getting.

● I was too embarrassed to talk to my friends about my struggles, which left me feeling isolated and powerless. 

● I had no clear definition of “success,” so I just drifted from one day to the next, never making progress in any particular direction – but constantly feeling unsuccessful.

● I was terrified to make a fool of myself, so I kept putting off any task at which I might fail. But at the same time, I feared growing old without a single real accomplishment to my name.

But somewhere deep down, I knew the man I wanted to be was hidden within me. So I went on a journey to discover that man and set him free.

Here’s the plan I put into action:

● I quit my day job, broke up with my ex and traveled across the country.
● Went all out and took careful notes at dozens of personal development events.
● Read hundreds of books – literally, hundreds – on becoming a successful, confident man.
● Interviewed more than 350 experts in self-development and personal achievement.
● Hired some of the best coaches in the world, and worked very hard to change my daily habits.

And once I’d achieved real results in my own life, I wanted to pay it forward.

I began to build my own coaching business. Next thing I knew, guys were paying me $100, $1,000 then $2,500 per month to show them the secrets and strategies I used to transform myself from a lazy, fearful boy into a powerful, confident grounded man.

Now it’s time for you to make that same incredible transformation… and I’m here to help you complete it.

Today, you get to decide what your life is going be like from now on. I know from personal experience, your entire life can transform in an instant – all you have to do is make the decision to change.
I Teach Men Like You
My Life-Changing Strategies For  
Confidence, Success and Real Results
Once I transformed my life, I started helping other men too which led me to become a high performance men's coach.

Guys started paying me $2,500 per month to show them the secrets and strategies I used to transform myself from a lazy, fearful boy into a powerful, confident man. 

Here’s what changed when I started putting in the work:

● I gained an unbelievable level. I felt unstoppable. I’d finally unleashed the fire and drive I’d seen in mentors like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Michael Jordan. I joined the ranks of the world’s Top 1% of men – and you can, too.

● With my new-found confidence and drive, I built a business that provided more income, and a better lifestyle, than any day job ever had. I’d always thought this kind of freedom was “just for other guys” – but it’s a reality for me, and it can be for you, too.

● I tracked down the real source of my “bad luck” with women and eliminated it. I learned how to walk up to any woman who caught my eye, talk to her, and take her home, without the slightest twinge of nervousness or self-consciousness. I could hardly believe it – suddenly I found myself going out with smart, gorgeous women two or three times a week!

But this isn’t just about money and success with women – those are just perks of being at the top. The real core of this transformation is that I finally feel fulfilled and happy with my life.

Although this kind of transformation is truly priceless, I understand that not everyone can afford to pay me $2,500 every month, like my one-on-one clients do.

That’s why I put together this new course, to make this knowledge available to any man who’s serious about changing his life.
The Secrets of the Top 1% of Men
Achieve Massive Success On Your Own Terms and 
Become the Confident, High Value Man You Deserve to Be.
The Secrets of the Top 1% of Men is my foundational personal development course for men.

Here’s how it breaks down:

I’ll give you 6 weeks of in-depth video courses, packed into 6 separate modules - plus bonus videos to wrap it all up and get you started on the right foot.

In those videos, I’ll teach you everything I know about being a successful man, including strategies for doubling your confidence and self-mastery, along with practical tips on how to become the hero of your own life.

Let me be clear: You will not find this information anywhere else.

This is not like listening to my podcasts, or watching YouTube videos on “success.” This is much deeper than that.

This is like having me sit down with you, one-on-one, and pour out all the best advice I’ve learned over the years, so you can transform your life into the successful, fulfilling experience it was meant to be.

You get all 6 weeks of training – including more than 10 hours of video courses. And once you complete these courses, I promise you’ll walk away with unbelievable power that you didn't know you had buried within you.

Here are just a few of the changes you’ll notice right away:

● You’ll become confident, strong, and motivated – be fueled by a fresh perspective, and a new purpose in life, which you’ve designed for yourself. Instead of getting pushed around by friends, family, and society, you’ll stand out as a strong, grounded, purpose-driven man.

● You’ll use one simple technique to zero in on lingering challenges in your life and eliminate those issues for good. Instead of feeling trapped by your past, you’ll set yourself free from it, and take control of your future – start from Day 1.

● You’ll learn how to take control of your interactions with people, and charge the way the world sees you. Most of the biggest hangups you’re facing right now – from the women, you want to date, to the boss who holds you back – boil down to problems interacting other people. Instead of dreading those interactions, you’ll actually look forward to them, because you’ll know how to turn them in your favor.

This course gives you everything you need to make the same incredible transformation I did, and unlock the new life you’ve been dreaming of.

Here’s what you get.

The Secrets of the Top 1% of Men program includes:

6 Weeks of Video Coaching + Heavy Accountability from our Community

* 6 weeks of coaching modules with me, Andrew
* Unlimited access to the Private Community of high performing men
6 Core Modules
I've developed 6 core modules around the fundamental pillars of success.
Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll be learning with me.
Becoming the Hero of Your Life
The Art of Success
10x Your Productivity
Master Your Relationships
The Income & Wealth Accelerator
Unleash Your Peak Performance

Module 1: Becoming the Hero of Your Life

✓ Learn how to step up and take full responsibility for your future, right now. This is the first step to becoming the master of your fate. Instead of being a guy who things “just happen to,” you’ll own up to your shortcomings that need to change, and start attacking them head-on.

✓ Forge mental toughness, so you can succeed at an elite level. You’ll learn how to overcome challenges, stand up to pressure and adversity, and achieve higher levels of success than you ever thought possible.

✓ Double your confidence and discover the power to “do, act, and succeed” in any situation, personally and professionally. You’ll learn how to leave behind your self-doubt, and start playing in the big leagues.

Module 2: The Art of Success

✓ Uncover the formula for success. Find out how to get from where you are now to where you want to be so that you can tackle daily challenges with ease. Learn to live with real purpose, and make your highest ambitions into realities.

✓ Rediscover the two greatest human strengths – willpower and self-discipline. Zero in on the things that are most important to you, so you can resist temptations, and redirect your life into an upward spiral of success.

✓ Cultivate the winner's mindset. Start thinking, acting, and achieving like the top 1% of men – that rare group of guys who’ve truly excelled in life. Instead of just scraping by, you’ll start experiencing the abundance of success that’s out there waiting for you!

Module 3: 10x Your Productivity

✓ Become a man who takes action. Make up for all the years you’ve already wasted, by breaking through your state of resistance and transforming into a warrior who goes out and gets what he wants. 

✓ Reactivate your engagement with the world around you. Instead of living in procrastination, laziness, and passivity, you’ll learn how to take the lead role in your life, so you can finally start living your daydreams for real!

✓ Discover the secret of consistency. Learn how to build a reputation as a man who does exactly what he says, when he says. This reputation will earn you the respect you’ve always known you deserve.

Module 4: Master Your Relationships

✓ Build fearless social confidence. Become a man who says what he means and means what he says, unlocking the freedom to express yourself in any social situation.

✓ Learn how to cultivate a thriving social circle. Instead of living in loneliness, surround yourself with high-achieving peers who’ll be there to support you when you need it most – and to join you for all the fun you’ll be having in your brand-new life. 

✓ Triple your dating success (if you’re single). Learn how to effortlessly attract your ideal woman, and enjoy a thriving dating life. After all, what fun is professional success if you never take time off to enjoy its fruits?

✓ Create deeper intimate relationships (if you’re not single). Experience the love and connection you deserve. More than a dozen of my clients have prevented a tragic break-up or divorce by following the tips in this module.

Module 5: The Income & Wealth Accelerator

✓ Upgrade your finances to the next level. Learn the 3 Financial Roadmaps, and identify which roadmap you’re on, so you can achieve financial freedom without suffering a lifetime of mediocrity.

✓ Learn to think like a millionaire. Get inside the heads of the ultra-wealthy, and learn exactly how they think about their finances. Instead of chasing vague dreams of being rich, you’ll discover how to make your money go to work for you.

✓ Become a top performer in your industry. Learn how to take advantage of your strengths, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your job or going out of business.

✓ Design your dream job – then make it a reality. You’ll learn how to escape the rat race and join the new rich, by following a step-by-step framework for building your own 6-figure business in 3 years or less.

Module 6: Unleash Your Peak Performance

✓ Wake up feeling alive and ready. Learn the 4 Pillars of Health, so you can increase your energy and vitality, perform at your highest capability.

✓ Give your body the fuel to upgrade itself. Learn how to plan – and stick to – a healthy diet that provides your body the resources it needs to build muscle and burn fat. Stop “falling off the wagon,” and start treating yourself to nutritious foods that you enjoy.

✓ Look great in the mirror. Learn the ultimate training program to build more lean muscle and lose more fat as quickly as possible without steroids. You won’t even need good genetics, or endless hours on the weight machines – just a simple routine you can do at home, for free.

✓ Get restful deep sleep. Learn how to master your sleep cycle with these eight weird but ridiculously simple steps, so you can wake up feeling fully rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day at a level 10.

✓ Stamp out stress and anxiety. Learn how to manage your moods to declutter your mind so that you can stop the endless racing thoughts. I’ll show you how to relieve anxiety, eliminate negative thinking, and completely eradicate depression.
If You Act Now Today, You'll Receive These Exclusive Bonuses!
BONUS #1 The Happiness Blueprint

Maximize Happiness & Fulfillment

✓ Discover how to be happy NOW. Instead of hoping happiness will arrive at some distant point in the future – or fearing it may never come at all – you’ll learn how to feel happy right now, in this moment.

✓ Cultivate a habit of happiness. Learn how to develop the inner conditions for true happiness, so you can stop riding the ups and downs, and start enjoying a happiness you always carry within you.

✓ Find happiness in your daily life. You’ll learn simple tricks for enjoying all the little moments, so you’ll become more engaged in life – and more creative, more resilient to stress, and more productive in your work.
BONUS #2 The Life Crisis Master Plan

A Step By Step Guide to Overcoming a Serious Life Crisis

✓ Learn exactly how the top performers handle a crisis. Getting crisis management lessons from me is like getting freestyle rapping lessons from Jay-Z. You’re going to learn the hard-knock skills you need to overcome your crisis, cut it off before it gets any worse, and take concrete steps to improve the situation.

✓ Know exactly what to do next time a crisis hits. Someday, you are going to have another life crisis. And with this guide at your fingertips, you will know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO when that storm comes. When everything in your life is falling to pieces, and you feel totally lost and directionless - this guide will be your anchor. It will keep you at peace, and point the way out of the hurricane.

✓ Discover how to AUTOMATICALLY TAKE ACTION in a crisis – and not just any action, but the right action to prevent you crisis from lasting any longer than absolutely necessary. You’ll learn practical tactics and methods to rewire your subconscious mind, training you to see the solution clearly and attack your crisis head-on to keep the situation from getting any worse and start working proactively to make it better.
BONUS #3 The Mentorship System

The Secrets to Getting World Class Mentors

✓ Find out how a mentor will improve your life. I’m going to show you exactly WHY you need a mentor, and HOW to get one. Stop wasting time and money trying to figure out your own solutions to all your problems. Save yourself a world of frustration, and get a mentor who’s been through what you’re going through right now.

✓ Learn what to say to land your own mentor. I’m going to let you in on a secret script, and tell you the exact words I’ve used to land lunches with high-value mentors – even when I was broke. You might think you have very little to offer a mentor, but I’ll teach you exactly what to say to get your foot in that door.

✓ Discover how to make your mentor keep giving you value. I’ll show you exactly how I get mentors to keep teaching me new tactics and methods, month after month – for free. Plus, I’ll show you the secrets I use to get my mentors to introduce me to other high-performing men…
You Know What Challenges Are Really Expensive & Painful For Men...?
Common Challenges Men Experience Today
✓ A serious breakup or divorce...........................(half of your net worth)
✓ Alcohol and drug addiction............................... (your life & relationships)
✓ Porn and masturbation addiction......................(your life & relationships)
✓ Working a job you hate for your entire career...(your life & relationships)
✓ Settling with a woman.......................................(your life & relationships)
✓ Taking women out on expensive dates............($150 monthly)
✓ Getaways to escape life ..................................($3,000+ annually)
✓ Not having likeminded men in their lives .........Priceless
✓ Dying with your best work still inside of you.....Priceless
So are you ready to transform into the most powerful version of yourself and avoid these challenges?
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100% Guarantee
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Or Get A Full Refund
I want you to feel secure that if you go through the online training modules, do the exercises and participate in the online community that you'll feel this is 10x the value of your investment. If you feel otherwise, then just show me the homework and exercises so I know you went through the program – and I'll happily refund your entire tuition and give you all your money back.

I can give you this incredible guarantee and let you take the entire program - with zero risk to you - because I am 100% confident that The Secrets of the Top 1% program will help you create the life you want. 

I can't think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.
                The Promise
Here’s my promise to you, from one man to another:

I will never waste your time. My Secrets of the Top 1% of Men program is pure, concise, and straight to the point.

It's packed with insights that are going to tangibly improve your life – and you’re not going to find them anywhere else on the internet. I will always speak from the heart.

This program is the most personal product I've ever created – period. I want to hear how this program changes your life because that means the world to me. I know exactly what it’s to live a life without color, without passion – and I want to free you from that life.

That’s what makes this course such a personal project for me. I will be there for you, right from the first step.

I’ll continue to guide you through every step of your transformation, and I’ll be there with you on the other side of that transformation when you take your first steps as a proud, mature man. 

I wish I’d had someone like this in my own life – someone to walk with me every step of the way – and it’s a gift I’m extremely excited to share with you.

You’re going to come out of this a new person – because I’m going to make sure of it. Maybe you’re not sure if this is the time to take action.

Maybe you know you need this information, but you just can’t bring yourself to act on what you see here.

But I know you wouldn’t be reading this page right now unless you knew that you deserve everything I have: confidence, money, and happiness. And you’re right.

Deep within you is a man who deserves all those things, and more. I’m going to show you how to set that man free.
But I can’t make the decision for you. I can’t force you to take action.

If you really want to keep running in circles… well, that’s your choice. All I can do is give you the information that changed my life, so you can use it to transform yours.

You have to be the one who steps up and says, “Today, I’m going to make a change in my life.”

If you’re willing to take that first step, I’m going to go to war for you.

Let’s do this.

Andrew Ferebee
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